Вертикально інтегроване виробництво та інновації
Бережливе виробництво
Головний розробник 3 National Standards / Co-Drafter of 6 Національні стандарти
Теплообмінник з нержавіючої сталі
Спіральна морозильна камера
Fin Stamping
Stainless Steel Evaporator
Faster freezing: The air flow pattern is optimized to shorten the freezing time, minimize the food dehydration and best heat transfer.Lower energy consumption: Square Tech keeps breaking through traditional cold chain technology to economize the operation cost for every client. More environment-friendly: Square Tech positively promotes regrigeration technology with low GWP index for global sustainability.
Вертикально інтегроване виробництво
Square Technology is the only IQF manufacturer who makes most key parts in house, including evaporator, PIR panels, belt, structure, pressure vessels, etc. This model allows the company to be more efficient in cost and production. So we can deliver the products in shorter time at an affordable price.